Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hot Girls in Scary Places - March 13th E! Channel

Hot Girls in Scary Places? Oh that’s just the way we like ‘em and E! knows it (hence, The Girl’s Next Door? i.e. Hot girls, scary, spunk-filled grotto. Hello?). 

According to, E! has just ordered a reality paranormal project with three ladies at the head of the haunted investigations! Hot Girls in Scary Places is set to star three University of Southern California cheer squad pals who must spend the night in a “haunted abandoned hospital” to win $10,000 cash prize. Ironically, $10,000 wouldn’t even pay a year’s tuition at USC, so I’m thinking these ladies might have some ulterior motives. The train will wreck in a special/backdoor pilot tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 13.

"Why do we care?" you may be asking.... well, Jason will be the voiceover for the promotion of the show. Pay attention to the E! Channel and your local schedule. I have yet to find what time its on, but we do have confirmation its on Friday, March 13th. WATCH FOR IT!



  1. Tell Jason I said Congrats!! Would the promo be on their website maybe?

  2. WAH!! That's hilarious!!! Jay's getting some really fun gigs - do you get to hear the promo voiceover while he's practicing??? You're going to be DREAMING about hot girls in scary places (ha ha ha).

    PS: The show almost sounds rediculous enough to watch.