Friday, October 31, 2008


Its already October 31st.... UNBELIEVABLE!
Get out there and TRICK OR TREAT!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thril the World

I heard this on the news today and couldn't help but post on it.
LOVE IT. A worldwide call to get as many people to register and dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" song. They have the world record this year, doubling last years numbers of registrants. You can watch video's from around the world here.
This is something I would do... only if Mandy, Jackie, Elizabeth and Jaime would do it with me. HA!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Danbury Pennysaver - WNY Ad

Earlier this week, Bunny was looking through the Danbury Pennysaver and noticed an ad for cigarettes. ( I know, I know... Bunny doesn't smoke but she's always looking for a deal for us). Anyway, as we don't read the Pennysaver, she found quite a deal that spiked my interest. The ad was for Steamburg Smokeshop in Salamanca. I couldn't believe it was in our paper here in CT. Of course, we haven't ordered anything from there as I am too chicken-sh*t to try and order something like that over state lines. Until I learn more on the legality of the tax-laws, buying on the internet, etc, I'll stick with our gas station here. But all the same, am still amazed how far they are reaching out for customers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Tank is Never Full

Its that time again for another gas price update.
$2.61 on Saturday. That is down from $2.68 from Wednesday. We are loving this.
Sadly, my coworkers over in NY are still paying above $3.00. Must be the state tax that is killing them. Anyway, I only put in $25.00 when I get to empty because every day it seems like the price goes down, down, down. All gas stations around here compete very closely so it doesn't matter where we stop anymore. Coming or going, we have at least 4 good choices. We hope everyone else reading this is seeing the same drop. **** UPDATE**** I just ran down to the gas station ( oj, milk and cig run) and its $2.58!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We want the Funk!

Jackie recently posted her favorite commercial... well this one is mine. I can't help but look at the blonde kid and think "God, that was me!" HAHAHAHA. Ask my mom... I was "funky!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jackie's Weekend Visit

I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends get in her truck and drive 5 hours, well, make that 7 hours, from Maine to CT. I say 7 hours only because she got "sidetracked" on her way down. Boston isn't the best place to be at 5pm on Friday ;)
We hadn't seen each other in more than 2 years. I blame her constant moving as her husband is an officer in the Army. She can blame me for laziness and she'd be right. But its not like we don't talk.... we email everyday to each other, multiple times. Its like we are neighbors. We didn't miss a beat when she got here. As I didn't take any pictures and as Jackie is the queen of her new camera, I'll just forward you to her blog so you can see our trip to the Blue Jay Orchards with our friends Sean and Heather, and their daughter Lexi. We had a great time while she was here.
I will make sure its not another 2 years before seeing her again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Faces in Places

I don't do much other blog reading unless it comes from our friends or a quick link in the news. Well, somehow I came across this blog and couldn't help but smile. Its contagious. Take a look and see if you use all 17 muscles to turn that frown, upside down.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Connecticut OKs gay marriage

The court's ruling made Connecticut the third state in the country, behind Massachusetts and California, to legalize gay marriage through the courts. What does this mean to us?
As you know, Jason and I have already entered into a civil union in CT on September 25, 2006. This allows us to be recognized by the state as legal partners and are guaranteed the same rights as married straight couples. But at the same time our union is not recognized by other states if we decided to move. 
Further more, the right to marry is not just about the actual legal ceremony, but an equal right to the extensive list of legal protections awarded to married couples. These benefits given to legally married couples range from tax relief to medical decisions and economic protection. We do have one benefit that isn't state or federally mandated, but is more of an option that makes a huge difference in our lives today. Pepsi offers us the benefit to cover Jason under our my medical coverage. But being able to see a doctor and me being by Jay's side if he was hospitilized is only valued in Connecticut. Civil unions and domestic partnerships may seem like equal unions, but the protections they give to registered couples is often far less than that of marriage. So, why do we need gay marriage and not just civil unions? Here are a few reasons specific to us:
Tax Relief:
  • Marriage: Couples can file both federal and state tax returns jointly.
  • Civil Unions: Couples can only file jointly in the state of civil registration.
Medical Decisions:
  • Marriage: Partners can make emergency medical decisions.
  • Civil Unions: Partners can only make medical decisions in the registered state. Partners may not be able to make decisions out of state.
  • Marriage: Partners can transfer gifts to each other without tax penalty.
  • Civil Unions: Partners do not pay state taxes, but are required to report federal taxes.
Death Benefits:
  • Marriage: In the case of a partner's death, the spouse receives any earned Social Security or veteran benefits.
  • Civil Unions: Partners do not receive Social Security or any other government benefits in case of death. In the case of the death of former Congressman Gerry Studds, his partner of 15 years was denied the government pension that would have gone to a legally recognized spouse.
The list could go further, but those are the most important benefits we recognize. You can search further for more info and learn more by visiting Love Makes a Family ( ).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeps on Dropping

I came around the corner last night to see the gas station sign... it was almost like it was surrounding by a bright light. $2.91 !!!!! That's a drop of 44 cents in the last week!!! Can't wait to see what it is Thursday when I know I will have to fill up the truck. Finally, some savings!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

London Bridge - 37 Years Ago

Ok, so I found this a bit odd, yet insightful. Back in the day, growing up, I think we all remember the song "London Bridge". Its a weird tune, quite short, and well, sad.... I mean, a bridge in London is falling down, and you are the one signing it to a fair lady!!! But now... here is the real story that I heard on Fox News Report "This Day in History".
In 1962, the London Bridge was falling down. Built in 1831, the bridge couldn't handle the ever-increasing flow of traffic across the Thames River.

The British government decided to put the bridge up for sale, and Robert McCulloch, Founder of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and Chairman of McCulloch Oil Corporation, submitted the winning bid of $2,460,000. The bridge was dismantled, and each stone was numbered. Everything was shipped 10,000 miles to Long Beach, California, and then trucked to Lake Havasu City. Reconstruction began on September 23, 1968, with a ceremony including the Lord Mayor of London, who laid the cornerstone. On October 10, 1971, the new bridge was dedicated.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Chilly Frosty Mornings

This morning I woke up to the atomic clock and thermometer reading 33 degrees! 33!!!!
That means it technically could SNOW! Its only October 10th! Good thing I covered up the geraniums last night, otherwise, they'd be dead. We are hoping to keep them alive by bringing them inside, but we hope we don't have to do it just yet. We'll see how long this cold spell lasts. They do say the temps should climb to mid 60's today and even in the 70's this weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Our stock has dropped $4 in the last 2 days. Yes, it goes hand in hand with the market but YOU can make a difference. Find those sales, find those 2 Liter 99cent deals, find those buy "5 12packs for $10" promotions. Its all about volume. Fill your grocery carts with Pepsi products and steer clear of the enemy! Tell me who you want me to support and I'll get on the train.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's winning?

I can't help but watch the Presidential Debates. I don't know why. I can remember growing up and HATING that I had nothing to watch that night because Channel 2, 4, and 7 were pummled with old men bickering back and forth. Nothing has changed... except now, beyond those 3 channels, 100 more are now covering the same damn thing.
Of course, each channel has a different view and opinion on who's winning, or who nailed who with what statistics. See? I still hate it... BUT I STILL WATCH IT. Its almost like an accident on the highway. You can't stand sitting in the traffic trying to get by, but when its your turn to pass, you too, slow down and want to see the carnage! Hell, that's another reason we all like NASCAR. THE CRASHES.
Ok, I have gone off point here, but still can't wait to see who they think is winning. God knows, Connecticut is Obama country, but as of now, the Rocks isn't buying it. We'll see.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gas Prices Down - Milk Prices Up

Well, coming home today I saw that our gas station is down to $3.34. I say "down" to only express that it was $3.54 just two weeks ago, but not that excited or happy just yet. Knowing that we are lucky to just have gas, as our friends Elizabeth and Ryan in NC had trouble just finding a station WITH gas over the last two weeks, I'll take what I can get. The news says it will keep going down, and maybe even under $3, which is great! BUT... knowing that my money isn't worth crap anymore, may not make me feel any better. Hell, just yesterday, we spent $3.35 on a gallon of milk. I will say, it lasts a helluva lot longer than a gallon of gas! I wonder if that really reflects what my grandpa and uncles are getting for producing it on the farm!
Great.... now I want chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. There goes 8 ounces!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Have you ever read something like this?

Here's a copy of the text of the new "Bailout Bill".
OMG! After the first page, no wonder people don't like Washington.
Who can read this crap!!??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Parasailing Virgins

Everyone ready? Put on your life vests, slide on this brace, make sure it nice and snug in places you don't want it to be snug.... ready? Our captain for the hour ride is Jason. He has been giving rides for 20 years and made us all feel so comfortable as first timers.

Our friends Dee and Garret went along with us. Dee has parasailed before but this is Garret's first time as well as ours.

While Captain Jason was getting all the chutes ready, I was able to take a stab at "driving" us out from the docks into the Gulf. Beyond a jetski, I have never driven a boat so that was another first on this trip.

Here's our Jay on the ride out to the Gulf. He was excited to try this out even though he has a fear of heights. I was happy he pushed through his fear to go up with me.

Here's Nate in his lifevest. Its more than just a lifevest for those who have not gone parasailing. Its got hooks and loops to connect you to the chutes.

Ok, so off we go....


Up & Away.

Captain Jason cutting the one rope that connected us to the boat! I guess this is standard procedure!! :)

We are flying high.... 600 - 800 feet high!

Coming back in!!!!

Trying to walk / run on water. It worked until we were dunked in the water. Yeah, nice and salty! But it was the plan of the captain to let us experience the rush of the water while floating through the air.

All in all, both Jay and I would definitely do this again. It was a blast.
Very peaceful and breathtaking from those heights!