All Ace

October 10th - Looking through photos and found these cute ones of Acer.

-----------September 1st ------------------------
Starting Thursday, Ace started to experience a very dry cough and started to look uncomfortable. Jay took him to the vet in which they decided he had water starting to form in his lung. We started him on some medications that were prescribed to possibly take 1 - 2 days to start seeing improvements. Friday night seemed to be endless for Ace as he could not find a comfortable position to allow him to stay upright enough to allow him to breathe without weezing. He was unable to sleep. Unfortunately early Sunday morning, we had to rush Ace to the Emergency Animal Clinic here in town to help. After further x-rays, the doctor was amazed that Ace was even walking, eating, and as alert as he was since he only had 5% of his lung capacity available to breathe. It seemed as if the cancer, existing tumors, or other combined complications were contributing factors to how quick this came on. Before Thursday, there were no signs that his cancer or diabetes had an issue. Unfortunately after much talking and crying, we knew we had to heal him the only way we knew and that was to let him go be with God. We had hoped that Ace would find his own way, but again I think he just needed a little help. Ace fought a hard fight over the last year and 4 months. He dealt with multiple vet visits to battle his melanoma cancer and won the hearts of the staff at Hudson Highland Vet Clinic on every visit. After getting him back on track with oral chemo medication, we learned he had become diabetic. Once again, after seeing the specialist at the clinic, we combated the diabetes with insulin and medications that proved to be the right combination for both cancer and diabetes. He was a strong boy and showed more perseverance than we thought he had in him. We will miss you Ace and will never forget you. Love Daddy, Dad, KC, Makita & Bacon  - Smoochies! XOXOXO

------------May 22nd --------------------------
Sorry its been awhile, but I've been alittle busy trying to get my diabetes under control. I now have to eat 4-6 times a day but definitely not the way I used to. Very small amounts of lean, low fatty foods. And if you know me, that's not easy. Although, my tastes have changed. I make Dad upset cause I don't eat the same thing all the time. I used to eat anything and everything that used to hit the floor. I do my best to gobble it down. And they think hiding my meds in the food is sneaky. Like I can't smell it. But I eat it anyway knowing that its good for me. The insulin shots twice a day aren't as bad as I thought. It makes me feel better. I can now walk up and down stairs on my own which makes Dad happy too. They don't have to keep walking outside to come pick me up and walk inside. And the wiping of my butt after doing my business... how embarrassing. But much MUCH better now. So day by day we move forward. I still have energy to be in everyone's business.
---------------------MARCH 27th-----------------
Sadly, we have recently found out that Ace has Diabetes. Over the last week, we've noticed his health slowly deteriorate. He was lame in his back legs, losing weight, and has constant urination and increased thirst. Of course, we didn't know this until we finally took him to the vet. Now knowing, its easy to see online those symptoms are right on. So, not only do we have to take care of his cancer, but we now have to give him a daily dose of insulin. He's seems to be getting his appetite back and moving more, but still just wants to sleep. Hopefully we will see the old Ace back at it in the next few days.
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