Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finish One Storm - Start Another

More Wind.
First Snowfall.
Cross Your Fingers it passes quickly without incident.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

Yes after today, we will finally not be hearing "I Approve This Message" but it's more important we will be hearing a popular vote has won for January 20th 2013!  Get out there an VOTE today everyone!  V O T E - Voice Of The Educated.... check the facts!!! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - First Round

Here is a first round of pictures we captured after Sandy visited Meadow Lane.
Left Back Fence Dog Area

Middle Back Fence Dog Area

Right Back Fence Dog Area

Yes - That tree was TALL. Covered the entire back yard.
Took about 2 hours to cut, chop, drag and pile.

Back of Pool Fence

The massive roots of the tree that fell on the Back of Pool Fence

Jay took a picture with me standing in front of it. 
Ridiculous. Oh and its still there. 
How do you get rid of something like that?
I only know how to do it like this....
and that is MUCH smaller than this!!!

Crashed tree on the left side of the yard
This one crashed our tinier spruce and baby oak.
Not sure if they will make it.

Gutters were flying!

This was our neighbors front yard... ON MONDAY!
This was BEFORE Sandy actually REALLY came through.

And here is her yard on Tuesday morning. 
All 4 of her large pines came down.

And toppled the power lines. 
She wasn't the cause of our power outage by any means.
Down Wakeman Hill, there was at least 3 large trees that came down on the power lines and on one house.
All are gone as of today, except for the one still leaning on that house but no one is hurt.