Monday, August 10, 2009

50-50 Weekend

Well, the weather is starting to cooperate alittle better with our schedules.
Jay has been working all week and also on Saturday morning, so we made sure that when he was done, we jumped on the boat. Of course, I am enjoying the scenery so much I forget to take pictures. I'll try to be a better blogger in the future :)
Sunday was a gray day. So I took advantage and got out the power washer and did the back deck floor and walls. Boy were they a mess. And I swear we just did them in the spring. The front porch and rocks were in need of a major spray down. The trees and plants must be dropping crap this year. They were almost black. Again, no before or afters. Sorry... I'm slipping. Oh, and Ace had his 3rd doctor visit for another shot. So far, so good. His next visit on 8/22 will have xrays and blood work done again to see his progress. Fingers are crossed and many prayers are still being said. Please do the same.

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