Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Project

So it's been sitting there teasing me year after year. Its almost ironic really. When I moved to the Rocks, one of the first things I saw sitting on the old deck was this old Coca-Cola vending machine. Not one that stands upright with multiple selection buttons, but one of the old horizontal units in which you would pull up on a door to expose the soda that slides through a snaked rack and for 10 cents, a soda was yours. So, being a Pepsi Freak, I hated this machine, but loved it at the same time because of its nostalgia and antique value. Again, these are about 45 - 50 years old. A compressor is on the floor of the machine. I doubt this one still works. So my goal is to blast and sand this one clean, rip the guts out as they are not useable, replace any metal pieces I can that don't cost too much. But the kicker...paint it blue and make it a Pepsi Cooler. Here are a few pics that show off this old machine. So through the summer, stay tuned as its my goal to work on it here and there as my Summer Project. Wish me luck!

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