Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 10

Not much has changed. Sun, sun, sun. Drinks, drinks, drinks, and tons of fun and enjoyment and relaxation. My blackberry stopped receiving emails about 9 days ago so having that as one less distraction is nice. Thank you Verizon. Yet Jason can sit next to the pool and go crazy on his iphone. Thank you AT&T. Anyway, sadly counting down the days until we return to Danbury where I believe the local temperature is high of 70 low of 59. Hopefully that continues through to Friday. Jason has taken many photos with his new vid/cam HP combo. A few with mine but have yet to upload anything. I see Saturday being a day of collection, combining videos and then publishing. Patience. Or I could just go back to the last 4 years pictures and just reuse a few of them. ??? I would never.

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