Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling at home

Jacen has surely made himself comfortable. We were doing our best to keep him off the furniture but we think he was getting confused when he see KC up there. So we just threw another cover on the couch and the zzzzzz started to flow. He is one well behaved puppy. Although, Makita is alittle... okay, really jealous of him and is doing her best to act like a good big sister. Playtime is really funny. But dinner time is funnier. Boy does he like to eat. We though Bacon was a pig. LOL

He definitely loves being near someone!!!!


  1. just wait till Reyna joins you....dinner time will be out of CONTROL! But we will work on that very firmly with her until she leaves my home to yours...I hope all is GREAT PS: Reyna know all about the cookie/treat jar too....after she comes in side she has to sit and WAIT, it's too funny and she lost her first tooth last night...I thought she was choking.....Lisa

  2. He is a lab, of course he likes to eat