Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally Friday

When I arrived home from work, I was expecting, or should I say hoping, to see a toilet mounted and gleaming with pride and ready to be used.... but that didn't happen as after 3 tries and 3 flanges, they put it on hold. Which is a good thing as we decided to first put up the wainscoting around the bottom of the walls first, as well as the floor trim before trying to squeeze behind. But... we have all the drywall up and spackle and tape. We also have the floor grouted and we can finally walk on it! It looks great!!!!  So, no further work beyond us buying more materials, checking out paint colors for the walls, and hoping that Monday and Tuesday go as planned. Oh, and I didn't get a picture of it but Jay was the first to actually take a whirlpool bath Saturday morning. Much more comfortable and enjoyable than the old. Also show the transition from the kitchen into the bath. No worries. The wood strip will be stained to match. More to come soon!!!

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