Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayers for Ace

I am not sure if you have checked out Ace's new page, but recently Ace's health has turned for the worst.
After finding out he has diabetes, we had hoped that the insulin would give way to better days for him. He has gained enough strength to eat here and there, eats some scooby snacks, and can't get enough water. Now, he can walk to get himself outside to use the facilities, but its tough to get back inside up all the deck stairs as he still has trouble using his back legs. As of yesterday, he was back at the vet all day being monitored and given meds to see where his problems may be. We did find out he has cancer on his lung, has possibly an irregular heartbeat, but the vet cannot pinpoint exactly what the issue for his weakness is. They have done all they can at this point. So, Ace is here comfortable in his home. He made it through the night. We hope that he remains that way for as long as he can. Keep him in your prayers.

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