Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty Much Painted or Much Painted Pretty

DONE. Now, it isn't the ice blue I planned on first, nor was it the bear rug or black suede I dreamed about, but it is a natural color that we find already in our house. Combine 1 part Front Room Mochachino plus 1 part old Bathroom color Mocha Accent and you get Mochachino Accent. Right? And its FREE. Anyway, only 1 Week till cabinets to be delivered. Then countertop and sink. Can't wait. This 3 week process hasn't been that difficult but its proving patience does exist in this house :) Oh and ignore the blue tape.... its still drying.

1 comment:

  1. Now why would we mind the blue tape? If you go to this condo on Belmont lane, you'll see that the owner still has his blue tape up...he's had it up for oh....4+ years ;-) It's coming along very nice!