Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late Post : Jay's Birthday Gift

I almost forgot to post this....For Jason's birthday this year, I decided to tug at his heart strings just alittle. For years now, he's wanted to get a nice painting or picture of all the dogs to hang somewhere in the house. Somehow, I was able to snap a great shot last spring I believe. Unfortunately, I never did anything with it until this year. Below is the original shot of the 3 kids and then our friends impression of them done in a watercolor with a black antique frame. I was shocked at the realistic comparison between the photo and painting. And the best part of all, Jay's gift was a hit, I was able to get a few tears to fall and its now hanging in the living room for all to see and for Jay to have a snapshot in time of the kids together as they were all grown up.


  1. Nate this rules! Such a beautiful gift, so thoughtful, and a way for you to have all the "kids" in one place forever. I LOVE IT!

  2. I wasn't even told about this gift...For the love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Absolutely perfect and I cant believe how still my niece is, she is perfectly still and looking right at the camera..And aww Ace and KC, it's just perfect. You did GREAT! I of course would have diamond ridges around the frame...but I'm sure it's perfect LoL. I can't wait to see it in person...that's me saying I will be over soon.
    Love ya