Friday, April 16, 2010

Update on Ace

Well, after numerous tests and glucose curves, we are still nowhere closer to solving Ace's diabetes. He is still at a high level (400+) and we are doing our best to give him the medications and insulin prescribed. Ace is being very picky when it comes to eating meals. Jay has been a chef everyday trying to come up with a menu that might be consistent across the days of the week. But Ace has proved to be our toughest customer. He will not eat whatever he had the day before. He sniffs and then turns his head and nose. Jay thinks he remembers what he ate only because he can taste the medicine we try hiding in it. And trying to feed Ace a low fat diet is almost impossible. When a dog eats what he wants ( what his owners give him ) for the longest time, you think he's going to switch to cottage cheese, white rice, plain chicken? Not so much. Not to mention, he also has an inflamed pancreas, possible thyroid issue, and neuropothy in his back legs. But, once you get his butt off the ground, he does walk to wherever you need him to go.... outside to do his business, move from room to room, to eat. So that's a move in the positive direction. He also has definitely become old Ace in personality. Growling, barking, yelping when you are out of sight..... So any prayers to keep him happy as we think we've done all we can do at this point for him would be grateful.

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