Thursday, June 2, 2011

The roof, the roof, the roof is all new!!!!!

Thanks to Jay and his skills at finding a great deal and guys who do fantastic work, two days of work later, we have a new roof. The existing leaks are now sealed, no more need for drip buckets in the attic, no more need to have a ladder handy... here are some construction shots... oh, and before there were big old roof shakes, and now nice new architectural shingles to match whats already on the back.

The Garage

We even had to replace the original shakes from the side of the house. From faded gray to original gray they go!

I think a quarter would have bounced out of here if we tried to put it in the dumpster!!

No more leaks. Copper used to block all water and protect the valley from any further leaks!

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