Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Memory : Tita Agnes George, 94

We love you and will miss you Tita!
In Memory of Agnes George and the short time that I personally got to spend with her.
Here are some of my favorite shots we captured over time.

Tita at Christmas 2011 at Meadow Lane

Tita and Nate at Thanksgiving 2011
Glad she was yelling at someone else and not me!


She always wins!


I wonder who was telling the story?

Pretty in Pink!

Tita & Shayna

Christmas at 2 Meadow Lane
All Tuckered Out!

You just know she either just said something smart or was about to....

Tita in the Hair Salon chair

All the Ladies!

Sheila, Alan, Jeffrey, and Tita

" Whadda you want? "

The New Blessed Mary with Child - circa 2010

Be sure to watch over us throughout the rest of our days here without you.
We all love you and will miss you!

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