Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elbow Update

So I visited the infectious disease doctor yesterday to have him drain out the remaining stuff in my elbow. He was a nice guy who pretty much agreed with everything I said about my previous trips to the ER and elbow Dr. Waste of time and that they didn't do anything helpful besides prescribe antibiotics. He noted they should have drained my elbow themselves. Oh well. So he is testing the culture to see if it is anything to be concerned over. If its nothing, I just have to be careful of my elbows. Wearing sports wraps occasionally, making sure I moisturize so my skin doesn't crack, and always ALWAYS washing hands and using Purell. He'll be in touch next Friday. My elbow still has a small round ball on the end but isn't as big before seeing him so something is working. Oh, and he put me on more meds to knock the snot out of whatever is wrong with me too. And this one isn't just 3 times a day, oh no... this one is every 8 hours. Pain in the @ss!


  1. I'm glad you found someone to do something for you. Hopefully your culture will come back okay.
    Does your elbow hurt? That does stink about the meds but if its what you need then that's best. Sorry!
    How is it going being a non-smoker?

  2. I was going to say something about staying off your elbows, but I won't since I'm keeping it child friendly...HAHAHAHAHA!