Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clean Up

Dumpster 3 is full. Rooms are starting to look "cleaner" while we continue to pick at more of the major items that are less "in your face." We had to go under the house and remove all the old insulation from the floor. There is only a real basement under the kitchen, the rest of the house is at least a 24-36 inch dirt crawl space. By the time we were done, we had cleaned out and carried away 9 bags of insulation. Even though we wore masks, we were coughing that crap up for another day or two. 1950's insulation in your lungs can't be good for you. By the way, I should mention that on Day 1, we met a great guy who was looking for scrap metal and was a handy-man of sorts. To our luck, and his, he didn't have any work on his schedule so we asked if he wanted to pitch it. Thankfully, Billy is now part of the crew and without him, we wouldn't be this far into the project. He's helped gut and now piece back together the bathroom too! Window is gone, framed back in. Thanks to another friend Jerry for giving us his expertise on repairing and leveling the floor the right way.

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