Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Out with the old....

There are stairs from the kitchen to the basement. Its not much of a basement. Barely 20x15 size space for the boiler, water heater, mechanicals, etc.... and barely 6 foot in height so tough for most of us to really stand and feel comfortable, great for you shorter folks. Anyway, knowing that we really wouldn't need to have direct access most of the time from inside the house, and there are always the external bilco doors, we had an idea. Reuse the staircase space and make it storage... a pantry!!! BRILLIANT! Its amazing where you can find space in an old house for new purposes. And what's even better, Jay was even smarter to keep the stairs and just include a hatchway so if we needed to get down from inside the house, we still could. Genius!

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