Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rooms are Gutted

Day 1 was down and we had all the rooms that needed to be gutted pretty much sitting in the dumpster. And that would be dumpster #3 already! Yes, lots of junk and garbage had to come out of this place to get it to this point. Studs and subfloor exposed so we could see what needed repair, and thankfully, we really didn't get more than we bargained for. Jay did a great job in inspecting the place to know what to expect!  Somehow I missed taking pictures of the nasty bathroom once it was all ripped up. Had to remove the entire floor because of it being rotten and due to the years and weight from the 200lb cast iron pipe leaning to the right causing it to backup...if you know what I mean. However, its gone now, which is the best part. And so is the smell. You will also notice some nifty graffiti on the bedroom walls which we'll showcase later :)

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