Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

Nickie, Jackie, and every other brother tagged me on facebook. 
Now its my turn to make the rules, and well, there are no rules. Yeah... I'm a rebel. HA!

1. I have been "married" to Jay for 5 years! On paper, its a civil union, which is 2+ years, 9/25/06.
2. I have a 12 year old named Ace, a 10 year old named KC and and a horse at 5 years named Makita.
3. I love Rascal Flatts and all their songs. 
4. I've lived in CT for 8 years already.
5. I hate driving in the snow out here. Most people are idiots. My "Buffalo" skillz are much more superior.
6. I love going to Target.
7. Makita is always talking to us and says the craziest things. Don't tell her to shut up, because she talks back and its louder and she won't stop.
8. I have to be careful which movies we get through Netflix so I don't get the boo's from Jason.
9. My favorite restaraunt is Fiesta Mexicana in Brewster, NY.
10. I am having a great time catching up with everyone on facebook that I had lost touch with.
11. The weather is getting colder and I do not like it.
12. I go into a store to get clothes for myself and end up walking out with NOTHING. I think I am turning into Mr Cheap.
14. KC's blindness has opened a secondary love from me toward the little guy. I didn't think I could love him more... but I do.
15. I am addicted to Target Market Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookies.
16. Touch my porch its mine now.
17. Peacock... its neither a pea, nor a cock.... Discuss.
18. I actually enjoy the new Pepsi logo and Sierra Mist redesign. Wait for the new commercials for SuperBowl.
19. Road trips are great. Unless you have had less than 3 hours sleep and have to drive from Chicago to CT in one day. 
20. I miss not being around the gang and family when I want to be. Yes, I didn't say "all the time" cause we know that is just a lie.
21. I remember lyrics to songs very easily even those I wish I had not - ME TOO Nickie. People are amazed at the ones I remember. 
22. My mood instantly can change by hearing a great song and the opposite if someone p*sses me off.
23. I have only been to one REAL concert my entire life. Garth Brooks. THANKS MOM! 
24. Jay and I would love to find an old farm property and open an animal rescue. Dogs, cats, farm animals.... 
25. I rarely can say I am bored.

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