Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Voiceover Booth has arrived.

After taking the 16 boxes of an 18-wheeler (yeah, imagine a semi coming up our one-way private road, blocking all traffic from coming or going, and the new neighbor getting his new septic tanks delivered all at the same time - the day started out so promising ). Anyway, after getting all the boxes in the house and removing each piece, one by one, we opened the instruction book. I am the reader, Jay is the do-er. Only tools needed was a phillips screwdriver. That's it. 2 1/2 hours later.... we have a new studio in the house. 
It shares space with Jay's new desk at the end of the new bedroom addition. We just finished setting the desk up yesterday so it's kind of messy. He'll have it all setup by end of week.

The inside is padded with aurelex to keep the sounds as dead as possible. There will soon be a monitor inside for Jay to read the scripts directly from. Going green... no more paper.

Trash removal wasn't so nice. Breakin down boxes isn't a hobby of mine. 
It doesn't look like alot in the pics, but you couldn't walk through the dining room or kitchen at all. But its all done... and the key thing is, Jay LOVES his room. Now that its 100% professionally setup, keep wishing him luck in meeting his goals and being a successful voiceover actor.

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  1. That's so cool! And now if you get mad at each other, you've got a little room to go into so you can yell obscenities w/o the other one hearing. :P

    Just make sure that mic isn't on!!

    PS: Good luck, Jay! Heard your wrangler work and it was AWESOME